Typical Application


 Ø   Proprietary SmartJitterTM Technology

Ø   Output Jittering Ripple Elimination

Ø   Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM) and Valley Switching Mode Control

Ø   Ultra-low Start-up current (<3µA)

Ø   Accurate Over-Load Protection (OLP)

Ø   Programmable Propagation Delay Time Compensation

Ø   Programmable External Over-Temperature Protection

Ø   Programmable Bulk Capacitor Brown-in/Brown-out Protection

Ø   High Noise Immunity


 The FT8492X is a high performance PWM controller for offline flyback power converter application, with constant voltage. The FT8492X series are enhanced high efficient multi-mode PWM flyback controller. FT8492X operates at Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM) and achieve highest average efficiency, fast dynamic load response and ultra-low standby power. FT8492x satisfy DoE Level VI requirements with production margin.


The FT8492X is available in SOT-23-6 package, and it is a current mode PWM controller. Muti- protection and programmable functions are built-in, including a programmable propagation delay time compensation, Furthermore, The FT8492x features fruitful protections like Over Voltage Protection  (OVP) , a programmable external Over Temperature Protection (OTP), and a programmable bulk capacitor Brown-in/ Brown-out protection. Etc.


Especially, when BCM version FT8492B is used with our Synchronic Rectifier FT8370x series, higher conversion efficiency can be achieved.


 Ø   Switching AC/DC Adaptor

Ø   NB Adaptor

Ø   TV/Monitor Standby Power

Ø   PC Peripherals