产品简介 :

The FT8262DD is a single stage primary-side control offline LED controller with high power factor, low THD and excellent current accuracy for isolated LED lighting applications.

The accurate current control from the primary side significantly simplifies the LED lighting system design by eliminating the secondary side feedback components and the opto-coupler.

The extremely low start-up current and quiescent current of FT8262DD reduce the power consumption, resulting in excellent efficiency.

The multi-protection function of the FT8262DD greatly enhances the system reliability and safety. The FT8262DD features fruitful protection functions such as over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, cycle-by-cycle current limit, over-temperature protection, VCC UVLO protection.

产品特点 :

Primary side control without secondary feedback circuit

Single-stage active PFC for high power factor and low THD

High current accuracy ±3%

Ultra-low start up current

Cycle-by-cycle current limit

Over-voltage protection

Short-circuit protection

Over temperature protection

Under voltage lockout protection 


规格书 Part No.: FT826xx 版本: 0.91 添加时间: 2018-06-04 支持型号: FT8260B、FT8262DD、FT8260 附件:
推广资料 Part No.: FT8260 Promotion 版本: 1.0 添加时间: 2018-05-29 支持型号: 隔离(高PF) 附件: