Product Profile :

The FT8783NX controller device is optimized for high-performance, low power switching mode power supply applications. The FT8783NX facilitates CC/CV charger design by eliminating an opto-coupler and TL431. Its highly integrated functions such as Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO), Leading Edge Blanking (LEB) and built-in cable compensation offer the users a high efficiency and low cost solution for AC/DC power applications.  

Power supplies built with FT8783NX can achieve both highest average efficiency, fast dynamic load response and super low standby power. FT8783NX satisfy DoE Level 6 /CoC V5 Tier2 requirements with production margin.

Furthermore, FT8783NX features fruitful protections like Open Circuit Protection and Over Temperature Protection to eliminate the external protection circuits and provide reliable operations. 

Feature :

Constant-Current (CC) and Constant-Voltage (CV) with Primary Side Control

Proprietary technology enabling high efficiency and fast dynamic response

Satisfies DoE Level 6 /CoC V5 Tier2 requirements from 5V/1A to 5V/2.4A applications

No audible noise over entire operating range

Optimization for capacitive loading 

Built-in power NPN 

Built-in Cable Compensation

Built-in Line Compensation

Primary-side feedback eliminates opto-coupler and TL431

Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting

Over Temperature Protection

VCC Over Voltage Protection

CV Open-loop Protection

Excellent capacitive loading start-up performance


datasheet Part No.: FT8783xx Version: 0.82 Update: 2018-06-04 Supported Part Nos: FT8783NDx download: ft8783xx_ds_rev0.82_en_官网简版.pdf