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8 Bit MCU

FMD has been focusing on developing 8-bit MCU with high performance, high reliability and high cost performance. Based on the market demand, the company constantly develops new product and provide optimal solutions. Currently, FMD 8-bit MCU includes three types of I/O, A/D and Touch, which can apply to all kinds of consumer product application field and meet different demand of customers. FMD 8-bit MCU has built-in 16Mhz high-speed RD oscillator and data EEPROM and peripherals, such as Timer, PWM, ADC, analog comparator, low voltage reset, I²C and etc. Besides, FMD 8-bit MCU also supports ISP and online debugging, which further facilitates the development.


Timer,Comp,WDT,EEPROM, internal RC


Timer,Comp,EEPROM, internal RC,10-bit ADC,PWM,USB Charge port


Timer,Comp,WDT,EEPROM, internal RC,Touch key,I²C slave


Part No. Version Update Supported Part Nos download
FT60F01X 1.19 2019-01-24 FT60F01X ft60f01x_ds_rev1p19.pdf
FT60F1XX 1.04 2019-03-13 FT60F11X、FT60F12X ft60f12x_ds_rev1p04.pdf
FT60F02X 1.28 2019-01-24 FT60F02X ft60f02x_ds_rev1p28.pdf
FT61F02X 1.20 2019-05-27 FT61F02X ft61f02x_ds_rev1p20.pdf
FT61F04X 1.21 2019-01-24 FT61F04X ft61f04x_ds_rev1p21.pdf
FT61F14X 1.00 2019-07-02 FT61F14X ft61f14x_ds_rev1.00 -20190702.pdf
FT61F24X 1.04 2019-01-24 FT61F24X ft61f24x_ds_rev1p04.pdf
FT61F34X 1.04 2019-01-24 FT61F34X ft61f34x_ds_rev1p04.pdf
FT61F08X 1.01 2019-07-24 FT61F08X ft61f08x_ds_rev1p01.pdf
FT62F08X 1.01 2019-07-24 FT62F08X ft62f08x_ds_rev1p01.pdf


Part No. Version Update Supported Part Nos download
Writer Software V5.1 2019-07-11 8 Bit MCU writer_v5.1.zip
Writer Manual V2.01.08 2019-07-03 8 Bit MCU fmdwriter操作手册 -v2.01.08.pdf


Part No. Version Update Supported Part Nos download
IDE Software V2.1.0 2019-07-03 8 Bit MCU ide2.1.0.zip
IDE Manual V1.0.1 2019-07-03 8 Bit MCU 操作手册.pdf

Application Note

Part No. Version Update Supported Part Nos download
MCU Application Note V0.07 2018-06-04 8 Bit MCU mcu application note_v0.07.pdf

Demo Code

Part No. Version Update Supported Part Nos download
FT60F01X 1.1 2019-05-06 FT60F01X ft60f01x.rar
FT60F11X 1.1 2019-05-06 FT60F11X ft60f12x.rar
FT60F02X 1.1 2019-05-06 FT60F02X ft60f02x.rar
FT60F12X 1.1 2019-06-12 FT60F12X ft60f12x.rar
FT61F02X 1.1 2019-05-06 FT61F02X ft61f02x.rar
FT61F04X 1.1 2019-05-06 FT61F04X ft61f04x.rar
FT61F14X 1.1 2019-06-12 FT61F14X ft61f14x.zip
FT61F08X 1.1 2019-06-12 FT61F08X ft62f08x.zip
FT62F08X 1.1 2019-06-12 FT62F08X ft62f08x.zip