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FMD is the world’s leading serial EEPROM supplier, which has a series of EEPROM products. The products with standard interfaces like I²C, 3-Wire and SPI, and provide various miniaturized package types, which are widely used in many fields such as consumer, communication, household appliances, industry and medical treatment. FMD EEPROM products have entered mass production over one decade and have obtained the recognition of many first-rate electronic enterprises at home and abroad by its prominent quality and excellent customer service.



Part No. Version Update Supported Part Nos download
FT24C02A-Kxx 1.4 2019-07-15 FT24C02A-Kxx ft24c02a-kxx-rev1.4.pdf
FT24C02A-Fxx 1.2 2019-07-22 FT24C02A-Fxx ft24c02a-fxx-rev1.2.pdf
FT24C04A 1.4 2019-07-15 FT24C04A-Kxx ft24c04a-kxx-rev1.4.pdf
FT24C08A 1.4 2019-07-15 FT24C08A-Exx ft24c08a-exx-rev1.4.pdf
FT24C16A 1.4 2019-07-15 FT24C16A-Exx ft24c16a-exx-rev1.4.pdf
FT24C32A-Exx 1.4 2019-07-15 FT24C32A-Exx ft24c32a-exx-rev1.4.pdf
FT24C32A-Uxx A0 2019-07-22 FT24C32A-Uxx ft24c32a-uxx-a0.pdf
FT24C64A A2 2019-07-22 FT24C64A-Exx ft24c64a-exx-a2.pdf
FT24C64B C4 2019-07-22 FT24C64B-EXX ft24c64b-c4(d).pdf
FT24C128A A1 2019-07-22 FT24C128A-Exx ft24c128a-exx-a1.pdf
FT24C256A A1 2019-07-22 FT24C256A-Exx ft24c256a-exx-a1.pdf
FT24C512A A1 2019-07-22 FT24C512A-Exx ft24c512a-exx-a1.pdf
FT24C1024A A0 2019-07-22 FT24C1024A-Uxx ft24c1024a-uxx-a0.pdf
FT34C04A 1.2 2019-08-05 FT34C04A-EXX ft34c04a-xxr-v1.2.pdf
FT93CXX 1.3 2019-08-05 FT93C46A-UXX、FT93C56A-UXX、FT93C66A-UXX ft93c46_56_66_ds_rev1.3.pdf
FT25C08A 0.81 2019-08-05 FT25C08A-UXX ft25c08a_ds_rev0.81.pdf
FT25C16A 0.81 2019-08-05 FT25C16A-UXX ft25c16a_ds_rev0.81.pdf
FT25C32A 0.82 2019-08-05 FT25C32A-UXX ft25c32a_ds_rev0.82.pdf
FT25C64A 0.81 2019-08-05 FT25C64A-UXX ft25c64a_ds_rev0.81.pdf


Part No. Version Update Supported Part Nos download


Part No. Version Update Supported Part Nos download

Application Note

Part No. Version Update Supported Part Nos download

Demo Code

Part No. Version Update Supported Part Nos download