About FMD

The 8-bit RISC MCU with high CPU speed, high resolution PWM, high power supply and high voltage bootstrap driver entered mass production, which perfectly applies to newly emerged consumer market including wireless charge and etc..


First Touch MCU entered mass production, and the touch module possesses total independent intellectual property. By matching up with algorithm, the module has extremely high sensitivity and anti-disturbing ability.

The SPI Flash product line and Shenzhen XTX Technology Co., Ltd were merged.

The high-speed low-consumption Arm base 32 bit MCU tape-out successfully verified all digital-analog modules and take the first step of SOC production line based on 32 bit Core.


First ADC type MCU entered mass production, which enjoyed good comments from agent and terminal customer through its excellent performance and competitive price, and was rapidly spread in consumer market.

The high-performance middle-end 8-bit MCU of integrated ADC, OPAMP, Comparator, QC3.0 and other modules entered mass production, which can precisely match market segment including induction cooker and mobile power, and cover application schemes of multi-pin, high-capacity and multi-analogy detection.

The first double-channel touch key ASIC entered mass production and access to the markets including light adjustment, dinky toy and small appliances.


The power management chip was opened up in home appliances market and FT840X was pushed out in the market successfully.

First Low pin count IO type 8-bit RISC MCU entered mass production with tape-out success at first time, which is the only type true EE base Program ROM on chip data EE with high reliability and high cost performance.

IO type MCU series high-capacity multi-pin product entered mass production, which achieve high and low match and effective complementation.


First 16M chip of SPI flash product line entered mass production.


Six-grade energy efficiency chip was launched in power product line charger market; 1-60W product line was completed.


FMD Co., Ltd (Shenzhen) expanded and moved into Changhong Sci-tech office building, Nanshan Sci-tech area.

Affirmed as national new high-tech enterprise.

Firstly affirmed as the integrated circuit design enterprise by national ministry of industry and information technology.

The annual sale volume of EEPROM series chip broke through 1 billion pcs.

The power management chip FT830X was widely admired in Pearl River Delta market,shipments continue to grow.

Obtain the most welcome IC award in 2010 Shenzhen integrated circuit innovation application exhibition.

Obtain China IC design company achievement award in 2010.


FMD Co., Ltd (Shenzhen) expanded and moved into GuoWei office building, Nanshan Sci-tech area.


FMD Co., Ltd (Shenzhen) affirmed as the Shenzhen new high-tech enterprise by Shenzhen Sci-tech information bureau.

First bath power management chip IC entered mass production.

Pass ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.

500V AC-DC process joint research and development succeeded.


FMD Co., Ltd (Shenzhen) established, mainly for RD, design, sales, logistics, stock, market promotion and management center

1st generation UltraEE™ EEPROM process development succeeded.

FMD Co., Ltd (Hong Kong) established, mainly for sourcing, sales, logistics and inventory center.