Aug, 2003 Founded.
Apr, 2004 The first generation UltraEE™ EEPROM succeed.
Nov, 2004 Fremont Micro Devices HongKong Ltd founded.
Apr, 2005 EEPROM sell in market.
Jun, 2005 Fremont Micro Devices ShenZhen Ltd founded.
Oct, 2005 FMD began to get profit.
Apr, 2007 FMD identified as high-tech enterprise in ShenZhen.
Apr, 2007 LDO FT510xx succeed and MP.
Jun, 2007 PMIC went into mass production.
Jun, 2007 ISO9001 and ISO14000 certification.
Dec, 2007 AC-DC of 500V succeed.
Sep,2011 EEPROM sales 1 billion.
Mar,2012 AC-DC FT830x top sales in pearl river delta.
Jue,2013 PMIC product completed from1 to 60W.
Oct,2013 six-level efficiency charger IC – FT839x completed.
Jul, 2014 SPI Flash of 16M succeed – FT25H16, the first package of TSSOP8 in the world.
Jul, 2015 FT840x succeed, small home application